Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who's Up For Round Two?! ~His Story

Jessica had been telling me for a couple weeks that she was pretty sure she was pregnant. I just did not have the feeling that she was; just kept thinking it was stress making her not feel well. We had a part time cleaning job together so we dropped off N5 at my moms house then went on our way to our cleaning job. Jessica had convinced me to get a pregnancy test on the way. Money was tight so we opted to get a store brand test. We thought we would stop by our house take the test and then head off to our cleaning job.

We took the test and it showed positive! Wow we are going to have a another baby!!! I was excited thinking, "Are we going to have a another boy or have a girl? What will his/hers interests be?. ...What will he/she look like?" We told my mom that night that we were pregnant. She was excited. My dad...not so much. Got questioned if we were planning. He kept saying, "You are going to have your hands full." I did not care. We were having another baby!!

Jessica and I had to make a decision to either have a vbac or another c-section. Ugh! The dreaded c-section. Memories of Jessica's previous c-section had come to mind: the experimental staples, the opening of the incision, recovery time and the "drugs" Jessica had to take during delivery and recovery. We opted for a repeat c-section to help clean up the scar from N5's birth.

 With this pregnancy we chose our due date for the scheduled delivery. Jessica and I were kind of bummed out that there was no surprise as to when our baby was going to be born.

May 18th, 2005. We had to be at the hospital at 7:30am that morning to check in. We woke up and got ready...nervous and anxious about our delivery and meeting our baby. We arrived at the hospital, checked in and started getting prepped for our delivery. N5's delivery seemed like it went so fast! With this delivery it seemed like it took forever! It was so quiet in the operating room, I heard everything and smelled everything like cauterizing of the skin...(YUCK!!) I could feel myself getting weak but kept telling myself to stay strong...got to stay strong for my wife. One of the nurses had told Jessica she will feel some pressure. Jessica's face turned red and I lost my strength. I passed out! When I came back to I was squeezing Jessica's hand very tightly! A nurse helped me up and had me leave the room. She got a cold wash cloth and had me put it on my neck. I got my strength back and walked back into the operating room. Nurses told me to leave and I had to watch our baby get cleaned up, weighed and umbilical cord cut from outside the room. I did not even know if we just had a boy or girl.. Not to mention seeing my wife laying on the operating bed alone, knowing I could not go in to hold her hand and giver her strength. A nurse came out with our baby announcing we just had a baby boy and gave him to me. I was so excited to get to finally see and hold our new baby!

I got to give J3 his first bath and be with him while he got all his vitals checked out. This took a couple hours. During this time I was wondering how my wife is doing. I asked a nurse how she was doing and all the first nurse said was she is in recovery. After J3 was done with his bath and vitals I asked another nurse if I could take J3 to Jessica. She informed me that Jessica was not doing too well and was taking longer to recover. She made it sound worse than what was actually going on. This put me in a world of panic! Jessica was having trouble getting her temperature back to normal. After a while, J3 and I were able to see Jessica and Jessica was able to finally meet and hold J3! This poor little guy kept crying for the 2 hours we were held of from seeing Jessica. He just wanted his mommy.


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