Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beginning Our Journey

Hello all!

Thanks for stopping by. We are new at this whole blogging thing, but have been wanting to get one started for quite some time. We just could not think of a name which would be appropriate for everything we'd like to include. Because we don't have just one passion and we don't have the desire to try to maintain several different blogs, we wanted a name suitable for meshing everything that is us. We came up with "In Our Shoes" last night. "In Our Shoes" is a play on the old adage: "Before criticizing a man, walk a mile in his shoes." So, here we are! We'll actually be giving you our unique perspectives along the way; sometimes even both sides to the same stories. This blog isn't just for moms, but for dads as well. We hope you enjoy and that we will be an encouragement to you out there.

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