Friday, April 15, 2011

We Have a First-Timer Here! ...His Perspective

Wow so much excitement that morning where do I begin!!

I was 24 and my wife was 23 and both of us were thrilled to meet our baby! We took a breastfeeding class and an infant care class where we met our future pediatrician for our boys. Our birth plan was to deliver our baby naturally with no drugs. Unfortunately, we did not take a natural birthing class; we just read "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" book and had that whole "It's not going to happen to me" feeling about a cesarean delivery.

On the evening of December 13th right before I left work Jessica called me to let me know "tonight might be the night!" So when I got home Jessi called L&D at the hospital we were going to deliver at and told them that her bag of waters might be leaking so they had us come in. While we were in the waiting room it is like our baby knew, Jessi had a couple strong contractions and at that point Jessi knew.."this was it". So we got admitted to our L&D room and Jessi got hooked up to all the monitors. They laid her in bed and made her feel relaxed. At this point I am in a awe thinking wow this is really happening!! A nurse came in checked to see if Jessi was dilated at all, and she was. The nurse said Jessi was "1 finger and a wiggle".  I called my parents and told them this is it, I think we are having this baby tonight!! So a little while later in comes my parents and my brother. Our labor stalled having extra people in the room making things less relaxing for Jessi. Jessi's OB came and gave Jessi some Visceral to help her sleep and sent us home around 2:30am.

I slept pretty lightly when we were sent home from the hospital and woke up every time Jessi would move or had a contraction. Around 6:00am Jessi woke me up and asked if I could go get her a breakfast burrito, I asked for five minutes, then probably 10 minutes later she woke me up again, I again asked for 5 more minutes and so on until 7:30am(ish) then Jessi's water breaks, so here I am looking for a puddle of water on the bed, she hurries to the bathroom and asks for a new pad (we had the car all packed from the night before for our hospital stay) So I go out to the car and bring back a pad, thinking that just 1 will be fine. Jessi says "Just one?!?!?!" So back to the car I go and bring back the whole pack. 

I could not drive fast enough to the hospital, although the hospital is only 2 miles away it seemed like it was 200! So we get to the hospital and I can not find a close place to park, so here I am driving around this parking garage trying to find that close spot to the door which did not impress Jessi at all! So finally I find a place and we get into L&D. We get settled into our room and the nurse comes in and checks to see how far Jessi has dilated. The nurse then says "uh-oh, I think I violated the baby", Jessi and I look at each other and nurse gets another nurse for a second opinion, and sure enough our baby was breech! Our OB came in and told us that we are going to have to deliver this baby by c-section. What we absolutely did not want was now going to happen and at the time we did not know we had a choice whether or not to deliver by cesarean; we were the rookie, uneducated parents that did not know we had any rights. So before we knew it a nurse came in and gave me my scrubs and off to the operating room we went to deliver this baby.

The c-section seemed like it only took 5 minutes, we were so awe-stricken by the fact that we are going to meet our baby!! The c-section went smoothly during delivery, our baby came out at 10:07am with open eyes and very alert. I heard "It's a boy!" Jessi and I cried with excitement and while the nurses and our OB finished up with Jessi, I got to cut the umbilical cord and show off our new baby to my parents and Jessi's best friend. Throughout the day I could not take enough pictures of Jessi and our baby, I held him all evening and night long until 5:00am the next morning when Jessi convinced me to take him to the nursery so we could get some sleep.

All though we did not want to deliver our baby c-section it seemed like everything went okay except for a couple "bumps" along the road. Little did we know. It all started when Jessi was getting the epidural and the doctor was way too aggressive inserting the needle. Then 9 hours after our c-section the staples started to back themselves out! A nurse removed the center ones and replaced them with steri-strips. The rest of the staples were removed the day we got to go home. By the time we got home and somewhat settled in the incision had opened up to the fundus layer. Jessi had made an appointment for the next morning to go to her OB and get the incision checked out. Her OB comes in and is surprised that the staples did not hold which she then tells us that we were pretty much her "test dummy" and these were experimental staples. (WHAT?!?!) We were not impressed to say the least, we were not informed that they would be using experimental staples on us nor would we have even signed up for that! Had the incision not opened up we would have never known we were a "test dummy!"

Jessi had to get a ride from my brother to our OB's office everyday for the next week to have her incision packed as she could not drive for 2 weeks and I could not take all that time off work everyday. Luckily no serious infection set in and we got it checked right away. 


  1. Nice to hear such a detailed memory from the Daddy's perspective! I knew the Momma would remember every detail, but you get an A+ Micheal! Well done Blogger! :)

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